New to CrossFit?

The Rule:

Anyone new to CrossFit is required to complete each of our 4 “On-Ramp” sessions in chronological order (1, 2, 3, 4).


What the heck are On-Ramps?

These are technique classes to ensure your understanding and safety performing specific movements, so that you can seamlessly join our regular CrossFit classes.


Are there exceptions to this rule?

No. The ONLY exception to this requirement is if you have 6+ months prior CrossFit experience and have received clearance from one of our trainers.


Ok. I’m in. Now what?

You have a couple good options to choose from:

  1. Purchase your On-Ramps ($75+ tax) and then book yourself in to the 4 sessions in chronological order.

  2. Purchase “The Newbie” ($297+tax) which will give you a 3 month unlimited membership plus all 4 of your On-Ramp sessions in one great package. After purchasing this, book yourself in for your 4 On-Ramp classes in chronological order then begin booking yourself into the regular CrossFit classes after that as you wish.

With either option…

Purchase On-Ramps or The Newbie by clicking here.

Book yourself into classes by clicking here.